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The Underwater Potter is a distinctive accessory shop supplying handmade stoneware hides for your aquariums and terrariums.  These unique playground structures provide stimulation and a sense of safety for your fish, reptiles, rodents and arachnids.  

More than just eye-candy for the avid aquarist, these stunning caves also serve as fish feeding stations.  Most pieces are designed to hold sand, which fish love to dwell upon, sift through, and feed from.  Feeding upon sand allows fish to protect their delicate mouths and keeps sinking pellet debris to a minimum.  

Towers can be stacked to create statuesque seascapes.  Tunnels can be linked together to yield elaborate mazes for your aquatic friends to explore.

Furthermore, if you’re having issues with larger fish taking food from smaller fish, custom-sized holes can be created to allow for exclusive feeding.

Come explore our shop to find your ideal stoneware hide!

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Check out our most popular hides & grab them quick before they go off the shelf! All of our aquarium and terrarium decorations are 100% Made in the USA right in Boise, Idaho. We also take custom aquarium decoration requests. Click here to send a custom aquarium decoration request.

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Cobalt Sky Tunnel


Sandstorm Tunnel


Ocean Vibes Tunnel


Beachy Trifecta Aztec Tunnel


Caramel by the Sea Tunnel


Misty Morning Aztec Tunnel


Aquarium & Terrarium Hardscapes

Our aquarium and terrarium hardscape decorations can be used for fish tank fish caves, fish hides, fish houses, selective fish feeders, reptile dens, reptile basking, spider enclosures, small mammal dens, and more.

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