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100% Made in the USA Aquarium Decorations

The Underwater Potter proudly makes each an every aquarium hardscape pottery right in Boise Idaho. Enjoy our premium aquarium decorations for fish tanks, reptile aquariums, arachnid aquariums and more.

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Decorate Your Fish Tank Aquariums with our Exclusive The Underwater Potter Designs

Our premium, 100% Made in the USA, fish tank decorations came about when I realized that my cory catfish were damaging their barbels when attempting to eat sinking pellet food that went too deep into the course aquarium substrate. I decided to create some aquarium feeding structures to hold fine sand upon which they were able to eat their pellets. I immediately noticed many benefits beyond the feeding station that my new aquarium structures provided. Some benefits include keeping the water cleaner, the fish have a new fish hide, and they are a great decoration to any aquarium, and they can be customized to allow for selective feeding holes for smaller fish.

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