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Ocean Vibes Tunnel


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This rotund clay Tunnel with dark and light cobalt crossed with ivory glazes will entice your fish, reptile, rodent or arachnid friends and be a stunning addition to your pet's habitat. Its long wavy cutout space is flanked by 2 round holes and gives both the sense of privacy as well as ample viewing opportunities. Our Tunnels are highly versatile in their options for use. Tunnels can be set upright, tilted askew partially buried in sand, or lying down flat on their side.

Set on their side you can link them to other Tunnels. Let your creativity soar as you design elaborate mazes for your pets to explore! To create a more complete bond between Tunnels, use our Tunnel Joint attachment in between any two horizontally set Tunnels. Set upright atop a Base Dish filled with sand, you can create a fun feeding station for your fish using sinking pellets. Our Tunnels are designed to hold sand when set horizontally; in this way they can be used as isolated feeding stations or little sandbar playgrounds! Or, use as a planter (set upright in a sand-filled Base Dish, or alone on its side) and create a leafy oasis throughout this hide.

*See product photos for examples of how these options can be carried out (Note: not all product photos contain this particular piece).

Measurements (all are approximate):
4.5" in width
8" in length
End holes: 2" in diameter
Side holes: 1x1", 1x3" wide

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