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Arctic Moss Tower


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This sandy clay Tower with pale green and white glaze will charm your aquatic friends with its circular shape and openings. Our Towers make a fun addition to your pet's habitat. All of our Towers are designed to hold sand upon their tops.

And our Towers are stackable! Let your creative juices flow as you build monumental structures using these versatile Tower pieces! Design your very own multi-leveled statue of cave dwellings! Then top it off with one of our beautiful and functional Toppers. Set atop a Base Dish filled with sand, you can create a fun feeding station for your fish using sinking pellets.

Originally created to facilitate the feeding of sinking pellets in an isolated sand-filled environment, these Towers, when paired with a Base Dish, allow you to keep sinking pellet debris from falling into the small crevices of the common coarse substrates. The pellet debris that is allowed to disintegrate into the standard aquarium substrate contributes to deteriorating water quality as well as potential damage to the delicate mouths of many of our aquatic friends. Having any issues with smaller fish not getting their fair share? Custom order a Tower with specifically sized openings to prevent larger fish from entering!

*See product photos for examples of how these options can be carried out (Note: not all product photos contain this particular item).

Measurements (all are approximate):
4" in width
4.5" in height
Hole openings 1" wide

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