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Arctic Aztec Donut Cave Planter (Open-Center w/Base Dish)


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This unique structure serves as both a circular dome-like cave as well as a planter for your aquatic greenery. The generous Base Dish accommodates any substrate of choice for your favorite aquatic plants to emerge from the center hole of the surrounding donut cave. While the Donut Cave that sits atop the Base Dish serves as a private circular hiding space for your aquatic friends.

This Donut Planter Cave features bright white glazing that contrasts against the darker hues of the clay. It offers several openings along with a larger doorway for your aquatic friends to dart in and out of. Occasional cracks may occur when pottery is fired to the high temperatures required to make these items food-safe and therefore aquarium-safe. Please note that for this item, there is a crack that occurred between the entryway and the window directly above during the glaze-firing process. (See close-up photo in the gallery). It has been sanded smooth and does not affect the integrity of the structure in any way. In fact, we think it adds to the ancient appearance of this piece!

For those who enjoy live plants in their terrarium settings, this piece can serve as the perfect planter combo reptile hide. The inner construction of the Donut Planter Cave can provide protection to the foot of your plantings from the curious mouths of your pets!

Measurements (all are approximate):
6" in height
8.5" in diameter
Windows: 0.75-1"
Door: 2x2"
Center plant hole: 1.75" in diameter

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